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Understanding Redux #1 (Ebooks + Solutions + Code Samples + Private Slack invite)

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The real problem with teaching Redux isn’t the complexity of the Redux framework itself. No. I don’t think that is it. It is just a tiny 2kb library.

Take a look at the Redux community as a beginner, and you’re going to lose your mind fast. There’s NOT just Redux, but a whole lot of other supposed “associated libraries” to build real world apps.

If you’ve spent some time doing a bit of research, then you’ve come across them already.

There’s Redux, React-Redux, Redux-thunk, Redux-saga, Redux-promise, Reselect, Recompose and many more!

As if that’s not enough, there’s also some Routing, Authentication, Server side rendering, Testing, and Bundling sprinkled on it.

Gosh! That is overwhelming.

This book is different. It covers just Redux, and does it well.

What it covers

  • Covers the basics super well
  • A deep understanding of the core Redux terminologies
  • How to refactor an existing React application to use Redux
  • Learn to set up a Redux project from scratch
  • How to structure your Redux code
  • Handling typos and duplicates
  • Setting up a Redux store
  • Getting to know the Redux reducer - and why it is called a "reducer"
  • Updating the UI in response to dispatched actions
  • Keeping a normalised state, and what that really means in plain, approachable language.
  • Build a minimal Skype clone
  • Contains 3 step by step examples, and 9 exercises to reinforce your knowledge
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Understanding Redux #1 (Ebooks + Solutions + Code Samples + Private Slack invite)

0 ratings
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