Modern redux: Learn redux toolkit and the new redux best practices

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Modern redux is a joy to work with, efficient, and without all the boilerplate you hate. 

Chapter 1: What is Redux Toolkit, and why use it?

     - Introduction

     - What is Redux Toolkit (RTK)?

     - The problems Redux toolkit tries to solve

Chapter 2: Building your first Redux Toolkit application

     - Getting started with a plain Redux app

     - The Main building blocks of the application

     - Simpler store configurations with configureStore

     - Define redux actions with createAction

     - Creating reducers with createReducer

     - New terminology: slices of state

     - Creating slices of state with createSlice

Chapter 3: RTK Deep dive. Build a Twitter search application

     - Setting up an RTK project

     - Setting up the RTK store with configureStore

     - Using the Redux devtools

     - Setting up HMR (hot module replacement)

     - Building out the Initial application UI

     - Syncing UI state with the Redux Store

     - Initial Application Data Fetch

     - Thunks and Redux Toolkit

     - Thunk Dispatch and handling the UI loading state

     - Async Error Handling Logic in Thunks

     - How to log draft state values

     - Simplifying Thunks with createAsyncThunk

     - Using Promise Lifecycle Actions from createAsyncThunk

     - Refactoring Tweetfind to use createAsyncThunk

Chapter 4: Where to go from here

- The best practice on data fetching

- Redux-toolkit with Typescript

- Testing a modern Redux application

Conclusion: Author’s note 

Many redux articles, guides and books are out of date. I know because I had written one before! 

Modern redux is one of the only books you'll find teaching redux toolkit and modern redux practices in simple, plain, easy-to-approach language. 

Level up your Redux today. 

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Modern redux: Learn redux toolkit and the new redux best practices

0 ratings
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