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CSS Variables: Everything you need to know

Ohans Emmanuel
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Get the Complete Guide to CSS Variables (PDF & Epub)  and a Private Slack invite where you can ask me anything.  

What's In the E-book? 

This is perhaps the biggest deep dive you've seen on CSS variables posted to the web. 

CSS Variables are quickly changing how code is written on the client-side and I want you to understand everything you need to know about it. 

Responsive design isn't going to be the same again with CSS variables. Component creation, reusability, readability and maintainability is never going to be the same again. 

With a deep look at scoping, inheritance, resolving multiple declarations, little gotchas—there's plenty in here for beginners and advanced developers alike.


1. Learn to build 3 real world applications of CSS variables.

2. Understand the need for variables.

3. Learn all there is to scoping CSS variables. 

4. Learn to defining CSS variables like a champ.

5. Get to know the CSS variables gotchas you should be aware of when writing code today.

6. Understand how to deal with older browser support.

7. Understand the properties of custom properties (pun intended) that make them unique. 

8. Understand how to resolve multiple declarations .

9. Get to know how to deal with Invalid variables and fallbacks.

10. Learn the standard practice when building single tokens with CSS variables. 

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CSS Variables: Everything you need to know

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