Understanding Redux - 2

Ohans Emmanuel
2 ratings

The frontend space is very overwhelming, and redux isn't different. There are tons of libraries to do many different things, and it sometimes seems like there are no standards in place.

Redux-router, reselect, recompose, redux-thunk, redux-promise, redux-persist, where do you even start?

This book will take you through a carefully thought out flow. Step by step, you'll go from beginner to advanced Redux user as long as you invest the time to read this book.

Here's some of what the book covers:

  • How to manage the Redux state like a pro
  • Persisting Redux state
  • Fetching data via Ajax and dealing with async action creators
  • Introducing the Redux devtools, logging and time travel
  • Handling dynamic action types
  • Understanding the Redux Middleware
  • Creating custom middleware to centralise functionalities within your Redux application
  • Advanced error handling in a Redux app
  • Using react-redux for more performant UI rendering
  • Why immutability is important, and advanced ways to deal with immmutability.
  • A good look at Higher order components
  • Understanding the common redux-related libraries. Think reselect, redux-thunk, redux-promise, redux-persist and many more.
  • How to handle routing via redux-router
  • How to handle authentication in Redux apps
  • How to chain and cancel API requests


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Understanding Redux - 2

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